Landing beaches tours

One day !


bunker normandy discovery

Firstly, I am at your disposal for this hike a half or one day a success.

The hours are generally 9:00 to 6:00 p.m., but that is not routine, it is always possible to adapt.

The circuit can be modified at any time before, and sometimes during the tour.

We discuss a site off and you want to visit. We make a detour if possible.

Attention to the distances we have a road often narrow and quite crowded in the summer.

On the track, you can select a few specific sites to the extent that you would not have time to do a circuit of a half-day.

Depending on your nationality or your clips, you can target a specific country (Canada, USA, England, Belgium, Poland, Germany …)

A full day is the most consistent system to soak up what took place in this beautiful area, very bruised in this period of its history.

The ideal is 3 days, corresponding to the two sectors Anglo-Canadians and Americans.