Our tours


Everything depends on everything you want or can spend exploring our many sites.

All the various nations do not necessarily want to see or learn the same things then:

We will build the circuit together, so the card.

I never do the same circuit.

And even the purpose and success of the day, it is obviously to help you discover what may be you did not see!

You will surely like this we often specific requests.

We can try to answer it, you must spend a good day.

This is a typical day:

Discovery of the coastal site.

The track Goldand Omahaor the German batteries and WN, very important to understand a film like Saving Private Ryan discover the oil ports and artificial.

Or of course an American cemetery and English and therefore many nation and a few surprises in this way, and I do not reveal my never exactly describe circuits, I like my little secret for 22 years (since often copied).

In parallel, during this walk we pass the magnificent testimonies of William the Conqueror, we’ll talk a little.

You want to taste the cider and Calvados, local cakes or sweets. Feel free to express it stops the circuit and let’s go!

We cross the fields, we can discuss the agricultural industry, the art of living in Normandy.

Do not hesitate to ask any questions that you come, I will try to be as accurate as possible in my answers.