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Milou is the code name for a great  Belgian resistance and for those who know Marie Joly.

A great moment of emotion and pride to have accompanied Mary on the landing beaches.

Article to follow.


An afternoon of discovery sometimes tinged with emotion.

We wanted to visit John and Getti, Maine (USA) Omaha and enable them to understand what really happened on the beaches of Juno and Omaha.

The rendez vous was fixed at 2:30 p.m. at the Rançonnière to Crepon, first surprise: no minibuses, but a Range Rover and a nice guide fluent English.

After introductions and a description of the visit, four people get on.

After 300 meters, the Range is a dirt road for a kilometer, then it stops.

Our guide explained that we have taken the path taken by Canadian troops on June 6 and thereafter at this place was an airport which is the description.

We can see Caen,  the distance seems short, however, that suffering and sacrifice it took to reach these few kilometers.

The next step after a few bumps is the cemetery at Ryes Bazenville. This cemetery is special because it contains the graves of British, Canadian and German soldiers also.

While moving through the graves, John stops at a grave  his name and surnarme was wriiten on it.

We go to Omaha Beach, to understand the real difficulties faced by the allies, we climb to the point of German defense WN60,

we listen to a living history lesson and visualize all the strategic points of the battle.

Then we go to the American cemetery at Saint Laurent sur mer,

Our guide shows us the grave of Theodore Roosevelt and gives all the information you want.

We pass through Port en Bessin, then the port remains artificial.




Back at our base in La Rançonnière a surprise waiting for us, a little Willys jeep tour of the day to visit two German bunkers.


Dans ces conditions, ce fut un étonnement permanent qui nous a permis de bien comprendre  cette partie de la bataille du 6 juin et surtout

aucune question ne resta sans réponse, jamais seul, toujours libre.

In these circumstances, it was a constant surprise which helped us understand this part of the battle of June 6 and above no questions remained unanswered, never alone, always free.

Thank you to Normandy Discovery

Sylvie Henry, and John and Guetti